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Dr. Susan Baruch
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Dr. Brent Berger
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Dr. Daphne Keshishian
(301) 493-9328
Dr. Thomas McNamara
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Dr. Lee Pennington
(301) 493-8838
Dr. Alan Sheff
(301) 493-9607
Jessica Murgueytio, RD
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Fax (301) 493-5532

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MDVIP Portal

The doctors of Bethesda Medical Associates are affiliated with MDVIP, a network of physicians dedicated to providing personalized preventive medical care.

We all desire to live a long and healthy life; MDVIP provides the resources to do so. From the secure patient portal you can complete a wellness assessment form, which our doctors can use to customize a wellness program that is best suited for you. Prevention is key, and the doctors of Bethesda Medical Associates are here to help you change your lifestyle and diet so you can live a long, healthy and vibrant life!


To connect to the MDVIP Patient Portal, click the link below:

MDVIP Patient Portal